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Wednesday, July 19, 2000

YAMSH (Yet Another Microsoft Security Hole)

News hit the wire today that another hole has been found in Microsoft Outlook. This one opens the door for a buffer overrun exploit which can be triggered simply by downloading your mail via POP or IMAP. You don't need to open or read the email--simply downloading it will do the trick. With this trick, a malicious email can do anything you could on your computer, such as run a program, format your disk or change all your Quake skins to Barney. Microsoft is working on a patch. The best fix is to get rid of Outlook and install Netscape.

A.T. Hun comments: I'd like to hear from the folks who said all the email viruses were the result of user stupidity about this one. How long will it take before people realize that Outlook is a gateway for viruses and precious little else? I shudder when I think about how many companies use it as their primary email and scheduling app.

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