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Friday, July 21, 2000

More on Web Standards

Ars Technica linked to this editorial asking the musical question, "Why can't we have a platform-independent web?" Here's part of his conclusion:
The point of this essay is not to discourage the use of IE, though that would be a nice turn of events. Rather, its point is to encourage those who develop Web sites to ensure that their sites work on multiple browsers and multiple operating systems before announcing them to the world. I go to great lengths to ensure that my sites work on browsers that I would never in a trillion years use myself. Can't you, dear reader, do the same?
One thing that I've made a big deal of on The Haus is platform and browser independence. This site looks pretty much the same under Win32 and Linux using IE, Netscape 4.x, or Mozilla. One of these days, I intend on downloading Opera to make sure we look OK in that too. I would like to be able to check it more often on a Mac, but I only have occasional access to one.

What REALLY ticks me off is M$ FrontPage. It creates messy, superfluous, and downright broken code. Nine times out of ten when someone's page will not display properly in Netscape is because they failed to close a TD, TR, or TABLE tag. I even saw some code that added those closing tags with the comment that they were there so the page would display in Netscape. Hello? Granted, Netscape 4.x should deal with that error better, but closing those tags IS part of the HTML standard. It's not that tough, folks.

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