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Tuesday, August 29, 2000

PHP 4.0.2 released

Zeev of Zend has announced the release of PHP 4.0.2. You can get it on the PHP website. Good stuff, highly recommended.
PHP 4.0.2 has been released. This is a maintenance version, with no big revolutions. It mostly features many bug fixes, some new functionality, and increased performance under certain circumstances. Users that are happy with PHP 4.0.1pl2 that aren't experiencing any of the problems that were fixed, and don't need the new functionality, don't necessarily have to upgrade - even though 4.0.2 is a recommended upgrade.

As for PHP 3.0 users, well, time to sync in :) I'd like to take this opportunity to strongly urge people to upgrade to PHP 4.0. The number of reasons to do this is too long to be listed here, so I'll only say that PHP 4.0 is superior to PHP 3.0 in *every* aspect, be it performance, stability or features. The only reasonable reason to stay with PHP 3.0, temporarily, is if your applications require porting to PHP 4.0 (and then too, my suggestion is to try and make the necessary fixes when you get the time). Otherwise, staying with PHP 3.0 makes no sense

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