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Friday, April 20, 2001


I've been extremely frustrated trying to get Red Hat 7.1 to run properly. Here's a list of problems I've had:I'm going to keep working at it, but right now I'm very frustrated, especially considering how much time I put into downloading this. There are some cool new features, but right now they are being drowned out in the noise of everything else that's going wrong.

UPDATE! OK, there was a bit of PEBKAC involved. With the help of Crawl we fished through all my settings until I found the problem. Networking is now working. For some reason, running root programs fixed itself. Too weird.

UPDATE #2! I got the NVIDIA driver installed, although I had to use the source RPM instead of the one that was for RH 7.1. Not sure if there is a kernel difference between 7.1 beta and 7.1 final that causes the problem. Now I can't get Quake III to run full-screen. I'll figure that one out later.

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