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Thursday, October 28, 1999

Savage 2K Specs

In the "stop me if you've heard this before" department, Billy W. pointed to a news blurb on Savage
We have confirmed with several S3 employees that the FINAL clock speed of Savage2000 will be 125MHz core and 155MHz memory. This configuration will result in fill rate of 500 MT/s. The original specs stated 700 MT/s. We also have preview benchmarks results on hand from P3 600 (133) and K7 600. Stay tuned for more information and side by side comparison to GeForce 256 DDR.
I can just see the folks in marketing now. "Oops, we over stated the fill rate by 40%. Our bad!" It just proves that spec sheets on pre-release silicon are nearly utterly worthless (Hello, BitBoys!). Add to this the news that the Savage 2K drivers will not have built-in overclocking support.

Don't get me wrong, 500 megatexels/sec is still very, very fast. But it's not going to blow away the GeForce's 480 megatexels/sec. (See Thresh's GeForce DDR review for a computation of the GeForce's megatexel/sec rating).

The Master adds: No, the prerelease specs ARE worthless in the performance department. Across all the cards. And don't you just LOVE the lower clockspeeds on these 4th gen cards?

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