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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

CrossOver Office 1.0 Released

Codeweavers (the makers of the CrossOver plugin I'm always raving about) has announced CrossOver Office that allows you to run Windows productivity apps under Linux. Right now it supports Lotus Notes and most of M$ Office (excluding Access). I personally loathe Office, but it might be nice for someone wanting to wean themselves off Windows. If they get Quicken to work right, then we'll be all set.

And yes, I've tried Kapital and GnuCash, but neither one really cuts it for me. I'm hoping that changes.

UPDATE! Slashdot linked to this Newsforge review of a beta version of CrossOver Office. Here's a snip:
"Codeweavers has done some incredible work by hacking wine to let you run Office 97/2000 on your favorite Linux distribution," says Hetz. "However, lots of people won't like this product. If you're using vi/emacs as your word processor, or you just fell in love with Latex and you're doing all your emails in mutt -- then you don't need this at all (unless you want to support Codeweavers -- they DO give all of their work back to the LGPL Wine tree). If you're a corporate user, or you're used to working with Office 2000, and can't live without it, or you don't like the Linux alternatives -- then this product is for you."
As I pointed out above, the 1.0 release does not support Access or IE, most likely because of the bugs some of the reviewers encountered.

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