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Saturday, May 11, 2002

RH 7.3 install-it's fun

Just finished up a Red Hat 7.3 install on my personal PC. Let me tell ya, Windows 2000 does NOT like Linux. It kept seeing my linux partition (a whole seperate secondary HD-I don't like that dual partition thang) as C:, and every attempt to access the disks would freeze the system as the filesystem drivers attempted to talk to "C:", which didn't really exist. I finally fired up the logical disk manager and deleted the C: mapping for the linux boot partition, but once I closed the LDM the system did an immediate crash and restart on a bugtrap. Real robust software there, M$. To say the least this has been a harrowing afternoon. I'm sure my experiments tonight will be just as much fun . . .

Update! 9:20 PM: Hello, from Red Hat 7.3! While it appears that I've broken LICQ, and Java support appears kinda broken in Mozilla 0.99, overall I'm quite impressed! This is so much better than Red Hat 6.1 it's unreal.

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