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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Software == Bad

MSNBC reprinted this Technology Review article on what software, in general, is so bad. Naturally, Microsoft (who is most often in the crosshairs on this issue) blames the user.
"Users are tremendously non-self-aware," Myhrvold adds. At Microsoft, he says, corporate customers often demanded that the company simultaneously add new features and stop adding new features. "Literally, I've heard it in a single breath, a single sentence. 'We're not sure why we should upgrade to this new release - it has all this stuff we don't want - and when are you going to put in these three things?' And you say, 'Whaaat?'" Myhrvold's sardonic summary: "Software sucks because users demand it to."
Um, sure. So, by that logic, if customers demanded dashboard-mounted hibachis and seatbealts made of piano wire, then the Big Three automakers better design cars with them. If these people are blithering idiots, then why listen to them? (OK, I already know why. They may be idiots, but they have lots of cash.)

Maybe the author's conclusion is correct. There needs to be a round of massive lawsuits. Maybe once enough companies fail or hemorrhage enough cash software will change. Until then . . . Thanks Slashdot.

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