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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Linux Users: Calm Down

That's the basic summary of this ExtremeTech editorial. The author is a relatively new Linux user. He made the plunge when Microsoft added the product activation "feature" to Windows XP. I agree with his points. Far too many Linux users are way too quick with the flamethrower when it comes to helping newbies or dealing with Windows users. It's a very easy temptation to give in to. Unfortunately, all it does is further the stereotype that all Linux users are mannerless geeks and the Linux OS itself is only for those with the requisite "1337ness."

Thankfully, I know guys who have been very helpful as I took my first teetering steps into Linux (J.t.Qbe and Crawl come to mind in particular). When I was trying to get the wireless drivers to work, the driver's author was unbelievably helpful and patient. Fortunately I've learned to ignore the ulcerous few who only bash and offer nothing constructive.

J.t.Qbe comments: After a while you get pretty tired of the zealots, though, who have more time and volume than brains. The BSD community has a lot less noise.

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