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Wednesday, November 3, 1999

DVD Cracked

Slashdot also pointed me to this article in Wired telling how some folks were able to crack the supposedly uncrackable DVD encryption format. Here's a hit:
Essentially, the two European hackers who developed the DeCSS utility that copies a DVD movie disc were able to break the code because one of the product's licensees inadvertently neglected to encrypt the decryption key.
Can you say, "Oops"? I knew you could! I do not condone pirating movies, but I have to say that I love nothing more that watching the billionaire entertainment moguls sweat. The you-know-what is REALLY going to hit the fan over this one.

The Master comments: And it's REALLY stupid to claim anything is un-(word here). Examples? The UNSINKABLE Titanic (tho the builders never said that-the press did) the UNBREAKABLE RC5 encryption. UNCRACKABLE NT servers (Hell, how about SECURE NT servers? ;-). Etc. Un-anything only stands until somebody works hard enough to drop it in it's tracks :-)

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