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Sunday, November 24, 2002

Still Using Your PDA?

Someone at Slashdot asked the musical question if people still use their PDAs. Personally, I'd be absolutely lost without mine. Paper organizers are too bulky, too expensive, and don't do what I want. My schedule is on my PDA, as well as all of my contacts and a seemingly endless list of to-dos. It has eliminated my "endless sticky note" method of organization. My wife thought it was going to be another tech toy for me. She's been amazed at how much I still use it. I bought my Handspring Visor Deluxe for about $250 two and a half years ago. I haven't seen any other PDA worth the upgrade price yet.

WinCE/PocketPC devices are too expensive, don't do the basic PDA tasks well (calendar, to do, phone book), and are a very poor laptop replacement. If they were a good substitute for a laptop, the price might be worth it. Plus the battery life is next to nothing. Unfortunately, the PalmOS devices are getting flashier and more expensive, but not more useful. The future (for me anyway) probably lies in some cellphone/PDA combo. But that's the distant future. For now my Visor and Motorola StarTac work together quite nicely.

UPDATE! Loyal reader Chris Glass emailed me to point out the forthcoming Kyocera 7135, which looks like a step forward in the PDA/cellphone combo market. I'll be interested to read reviews on it when it comes out.

J.t.Qbe comments: I use my PDA (Visor Deluxe) as an extension of my own memory--it remembers things so I don't have to (and so I don't have to carry around a hundred slips of paper). I used it constantly before I became a telecommuter, but now I don't need it as much. It's still a handy datastore and I always take it with me whenever I go out, but I simply don't use it as much as in the olden days. Give me an office job and I'll be using it all the time again.

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