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Friday, March 7, 2003

Perens on the SCO Suit

Bruce Perens has given his two cents on the SCO suit on Slashdot. Basically he feels that there is no way this suit will fly. In fact, he thinks that there are other motives involved:

So, I think the claims I've heard are specious, and not enforcible in court. Why, then, is SCO doing this? They want to be purchased. This is the exit strategy for their investors, Canopy Group. IBM can buy them just to shut them up. Or Microsoft can buy them to use them to FUD Linux. And Canopy Group management figures they'll play the two against each other to drive up the price. But IBM management is smart enough to poison this particular well, by bringing counter-claims against SCO.

This wouldn't surprise me in the least. It probably would cost IBM less to buy SCO outright than to fight the suit.

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