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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Carmack E3 Chat

Gamespy posted a summary of a presentation by id's John Carmack at this year's E3. Most of it covers various design aspects of DOOM 3. He does, however, briefly mention his work in real-world rocketry. Here's a snip for your chewing pleasure:

Carmack is a purist. He doesn't incorporate graphical gimmicks for any one particular effect on any one piece of hardware. He extolled the value of "universalness and consistency" across hardware, and the technology he wanted to design was built on similar principles. Current technology renders different types of surfaces differently, and it renders light sources differently based on whether they're dynamic or static. Not so in DOOM 3: "Lights and surfaces are all treated as first-class citizens," he said, meaning they were rendered by the same processes. "It's not about being spectacular," he explained. "It's about being consistent."

Thanks Blue's News.

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