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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Surprise! G5 Not Faster

When I was wandering around the Mall of America the other day, I walked by the Apple store they have and saw that they were showing a broadcast of the debut of the Mac G5. I rolled my eyes (carefully, lest someone decide to do something cruel to me with an iPod) when the presenter (whom I assume was Steve Jobs, but I couldn't tell for sure) started mentioning speed benefits over comparable Intel setups. This site shows that my eye rolling was well-founded. Not only aren't the G5s faster, they are more expensive. Surprise, suprise.

I really have no idea why Jobs and co. insist on going back to the speed issue time and time again. PowerPC chips have not been able to compete with the fastest offerings from Intel or AMD. The hardware will cost more than a PC. There are advantages that they could really emphasize: ease of use, the solid BSD foundations of OSX, etc., but they keep trying to fight a battle they can't win. Oh well.

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