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Friday, March 4, 2005

Keyboard Cleaning Tip

I've never liked cleaning my keyboard because it always seems to take an eternity. Now I seem to have found a secret weapon: Clorox wipes (of course they've got a website!). They will clean and disinfect in one fell swoop. The wipe is very sturdy so it won't tear like paper towels will. It didn't take very long and now my keyboard looks like it's actually beige again. My wife says that the orange scented ones are rather strong smelling. I used a lemon scented one. I usually can't take much of a scent on things, but this was fine.

On that website, they list the most germ-infested spots in your average office. Keyboards came in fifth--much worse than toilet seats. Think about that the next time you have lunch at your desk :)

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