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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Hey SCO: Drop Dead :-)

Groklaw has a fresh post up looking at what happens now to SCO, considering the most recent events in the Novell vs. SCO lawsuit. This is happy news for anyone in the Linux world. SCO has bitten off WAY more than it can chew, and faces imminent annihilation if Novell has their way. Sweet :-)

I also like this comment: "Contracts are what you use against parties you have relationships with." Darl McBride, May 2003. The delicious irony.

A.T. Hun comments: I hope it is true, but SCO somehow keeps existing.

The Master comments: I'm sure you're right. What will happen is the court will decide that taking SCO's money away, even though they have no right to it, would be "mean", and deny the motion, so they'll spend it out, go backrupt, and hopefully Novell will take everything back and that will be the end of the whole charade. Or, maybe we'll all get lucky and this whole horror show can finally end.

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