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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bleh: Microsoft Abuse?

I had posted this two days ago, but I was a wuss and pulled it, since I didn't want to "offend" anyone. Now I am offended. And people should know what goes down when you contact Microsoft via their abuse email address.

I was reviewing web site logs at work last week, checking for any new security hacks, etc, when I discovered that various source IP addresses from tide*, which is a domain address range owned by Microsoft, were aggresively spidering our web site. I contacted Microsoft via their abuse address, hoping to get more information on what was going on, since this spider was beating the hell out of our web site, and on a daily basis.

Their response? It was spyware. I told them to try again, and reiterated it was my web servier being abused from systems on THEIR network. Their response? Contact a support engineer. No, I won't pay $250 for you to fix something on your network. Try again. Today? It's spyware and abusive email, which "does not appear to involve abusive e-mail messages from Microsoft directly". Okay, (expletives), where did I say anything about email?!?

Don't waste your time reporting anything "fishy" from Microsoft's network to their abuse email address. You are just wasting your time. Just block them at the router. You won't have to get as angry as I am right now. And I thought Symantec's support people were bad. Good grief.

A.T. Hun comments: I'll take "Things That Don't Surprise Me" for $500, Alex.

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