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Tuesday, August 3, 1999


Okay, now so far everything on the Haus is coming along really nice, but I have to point out one thing. AT has done a WONDERFUL job of laying this sucker out, getting everything hooked up, playing intermediary with our ISP (EZ-Net, the greatest ISP on earth :) and testing out all the lame idiot mistakes I've made in the script integration online. But, I have one gripe: SWELL. AT is so incredibly old-school as to use SWELL in a sentence. Heck, I didn't realize that word existed in the English language anymore. I would have expected l33t or something equivalent :) Okay, AT, have at that one! (Hehehehhehehehe)

Update: Okay: I'll grant you (a), but as to (b), all I have to say is "Fear is my ally".

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