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Friday, September 15, 2006


Since my kids' box is dead and my box was acting wonky last week, I've given some preliminary thought to some possible replacements. I could just go with the new case/mobo/CPU/memory route. Another thought is to go with a laptop. There have been times when that would be advantageous. My requirements would be pretty simple. I would need:

Really, anything else would be gravy. If I go this way, I'd pretty much be giving up on PC gaming, which I think at this stage in my life is a foregone conclusion. Does such an animal exist? Do the benefits of a laptop (primarily portability) outweigh the obvious drawbacks?

The Master comments: While I am deeply impressed by the Dell laptops I've seen come through our MIS department, the price is still extremely high, and the heat output is insane. We've had laptops that you can literally cook stuff on. I also don't feel good about the longevity -- the components are really tightly crammed and the heat can't help. You must buy the warranty. If they break, it's 99% of the time a hardware replacement -- most of the time the whole mobo; and it happens more often than you'd hope. However, that's not stopping me from considering a laptop for Eeyore's next PC upgrade.

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