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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's . . . ALIVE!

No, I'm not firing up the bad Halloween puns. I managed to bring back my old Celeron 400 box from the dead. It was randomly locking up or rebooting. Then one day it just refused to start up. After way too much trial-and-error, I determined that the problem was that it was being shorted on the case somewhere. After a couple of minor changes and a reassembly, it seems to be working fine again. It's not that its death would have been a HUGE loss, but I hate tossing perfectly useful hardware. It's old, but for the kids to do some surfing or word processing, it works fine. Special thanks to Crawl and The Master for helping me with the debugging.

The Master comments: And here I was sure you had a dying mobo. Heh. A short will do that though.

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