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Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Q3A Point Release .plan update

Graeme Devine updated his .plan with the news of the point release fix list. Here's the scoop:
Here's the cliffnotes version of most of the bugs we're looking at. I'll make the actual feature database available as HTML at somepoint soon so everyone can take a look as to what issues we're addressing.
  • New scoreboard.
  • New team scoreboard
  • Voting can change the gametype if the new map doesn't support the current gametype
  • Misc icon fixes
  • Team overlay tidied up
  • Spectators can go through doors
  • Late player start on screen score display fixed
  • Re-add mouselook
  • Callvote nextmap
  • Extra/different pakfile disconnect bug fixed
  • Packetloss on the scoreboard
  • Delay deferred loading of players until after death
  • Server browser remembers "show full"/'show empty" status
  • Server browser will not refresh on stopped lists
  • Show IP address in server browser
  • Compressed sound support
  • JPEG from disk support
  • Cache filefind results so we do not requery the filesystem every load
  • Make 10.x.x.x and other public addresses not use auth server
  • Protect CD key into a different file
  • Improve overall error reporting to user
  • Make sure everyone can command the bots
  • Load/Save config re-added
  • Bots don't start kill, hitnokill, or hitnodeath chats when there are nearby enemies
  • Awaiting snapshot/gamestate issues resolved
A.T. Hun comments: You can thank me for finding the solution so that "everyone can command the bots." See this news item for my heroic efforts :)

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