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Friday, August 20, 1999

Nick Triantos Interview on PowerGamerz

PowerGamerz posted an interview with Nick Triantos, nVidia's OpenGL guru. I know this came out yesterday, but for some reason my DNS was refusing to resolve their domain name. At any rate, it works now, and here's a snip:
PG: Will games have to be written specifically to take advantage of the T&L technology, or will all OGl/D3D games automatically use it as they please?

Nick: The Direct3D API has changed somewhat to accomodate features like hardware transform and lighting, and applications will need to change to take advantage of that. For some apps, the change will be fairly trivial. For others, it may be harder. Well-written OpenGL games would automatically be able to take advantage of faster driver transform pipelines (like Quake2 and Quake3), while there are others (sorry, I won't name names) that perform their transforms in the game code, instead of in OpenGL. Those will need to be modified to take advantage of any hardware that could potentially do transform and lighting.
That bodes really well for the NV10, but not so well for the Voodoo4 and their T-Buffer. It certainly makes the NV10 look like more of a viable option knowing that its transform and lighting acceleration will work automagically with Q2 and Q3 without modification.

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