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Sunday, January 9, 2000


I'm not a 1337 haX0r. I don't have the latest and greatest system. That's why I cannot fathom how so many people are having problems getting Quake 3 Arena to run. It's worked smooth for me from day one. Sure, there have been some minor "issues", such as the bots not respecting my authoritah when I had the periods in my name (it worked by changing my name to AT Hun). But I have never experienced the catastrophic failures that so many have.

I also find it amusing when people post on the Q3World forums saying some variation of, "QUAKE III ARENA WONT RUN!!!! YOU SUCK ID!!!!" (they almost always use capital letters and lots of exclamation points to showcase their brilliant writing skills). Most of the problems I've found come from one of two sources:
  1. People mistyping their CD Key. You would think that the thing was written in Sanskrit. And of course they adamantly deny that they could possibly have mistyped . . . until they discover that they did.
  2. Poor OpenGL drivers *cough*3dfx*cough*
It's like this. Before you post your complaint containing several correctly spelled words, make sure you have exhausted every possible option on your end first. If you still cannot solve it, take a deep breath, post your problem in detail and give all the pertinent information for your system (video card, sound card, OS, memory, driver revisions, etc.). Then at least people can help you. If you post a message all in uppercase like the one above, expect to be ignored.

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