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Saturday, August 21, 1999

Graphics News

Hercules, maker of the highest rated TNT cards on the market, has been rumored (with some "anonymous" supporting info) to have gone out of business. And I remember when I had to write Hercules support into my graphics apps because they had one of the top cards in the industry. How things change...

Other news: Intel is out of the graphics card business. I think this may be the only place where Intel has ever forfited a toehold into an industry. I'd have to research that one some more to prove it tho. Wow!!

Saw all this on Blues's News.

A.T. Updates: The Hercules rumor has been verified by a number of sources. A press release is expected on Monday. More unsubstantiated rumors state that the reason for the downfall was financial mismanagement, possibly even embezzelment. If you ordered one of their TNT2 Ultra cards, but your credit card was never charged, you will never get it.

As far as the Intel i7 series goes, good riddence to bad rubbish.

The Master retorts: Ya know, I don't think that's really fair to Intel. They are STILL going to design graphics processors for embedded CPUs and chipsets, which is really their killer market. I think Intel could make a real graphics processor. They're just 4 years behind the curve. And not willing to give up their huge profit margins...

News for 08/21/1999

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