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Saturday, August 21, 1999

Shogo Swirl Coming Soon

Despite the terrible signal-to-noise ratio on the PS forums, I did see that Rohan Night announced the upcoming release of a mod called Shogo Swirl on September 9 (9/9/99). It will have new textures, sounds, gibs, a new weapon, and the list goes on. I'll pass along more information as soon as I get it.

The Master comments: Ya know, it amazes me still how hard the fan community fights to keep Shogo alive, and yet Monolith does less than nothing to support them. I won't be surprised if they get little fan support for their new games. They've shown an amazing lack of willingness to support the fans they've worked so hard to win. No skin off my back, I'll keep playing Quake and liking id :-)

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