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Wednesday, January 12, 2000

NVIDIA's NV11 and NV15

iXBT got the mother of all scoops with this NVIDIA roadmap giving details on the forthcoming NV11 and NV15 chips. Note: board manufacturers will have these chips THIS MONTH. Cards with these chips will be seen at CeBIT in March with the first cards being commercially available about that same time. Here's the specs:

ChipSingle Texel
(mil pixels/sec)
(mil pixels/sec)
V5 5000664332
V5 60001328664

Yes, you read correctly. Free multitexturing. The NV15 will have almost the same multitexturing speed as the Voodoo5 6000. I bet it won't cost $600 either. Thanks Shugashack for the link.

Update! Ironically enough, Planet GeForce pointed me to this page in Thresh's MacWorld coverage which states that 3dfx does not have samples of the VSA-100 chip (the basis for the Voodoo4 and 5) yet.
That's what we were wondering once we learned that cards based on the VSA-100 chip weren't on display at MacWorld. We learned that 3dfx has just taped out first silicon on the chips, they haven't received any samples yet. Keep in mind this is for the PC unit, not the Mac product which is even further behind. We pressed the issue a bit further and learned that 3dfx still feels they can have cards based on the VSA-100 processor available in retail channels by April for the PC, but exactly which Voodoo lines that will be is still unknown.
Ouch, ouch, ouch.

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