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Friday, February 4, 2000

Linux Install . . . Continued

I got my Red Hat 6.1 disc in the mail today. After installing it, I discovered I immediately had to do a reinstall since it was easier to do that than to add the things I forgot by hand. I had to do a smidge of tweaking, but I finally got my SoundBlaster Live! Value to work tonight. My Zip drive install went very smoothly, as did my modem install, once I remembered to install PPP (Doh!).

This week has been quite the learning experience for me. I'm going to be slapping up three FAQs this weekend about getting the aforementioned SB Live!, ATAPI Zip drive, and PnP modem installed under Linux. I'll be adding FAQs as I learn more. Hopefully all you out there in Readerland can learn from my mistakes. Linux is really bringing out my inner geek. Here's hoping I don't become like Jeff K.

I must apologize to you readers that I haven't been as faithful as usual with my news updates since the Linux install has taken up so much of my spare time (and even eaten into my non-spare time). Hopefully the FAQs will make up for it.

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