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Wednesday, August 4, 1999

The Haus of Shogo Has Moved Over!

I moved my Haus of Shogo website to TheHaus.Net yesterday. Today I updated it, removing any information that is duplicated here. Never fear, Shogo fans, I will keep updating it. The main difference now is that all the news as well as Quantus and Joltox' columns are part of TheHaus.Net. We've expanded, but we won't forget our roots . . .

Commentary Section Online

I finally have all the pages for our commentary section online! I brought Quantus' two columns and Ryan's two columns from the Haus of Shogo (check them out if you haven't already). The Master informs me that he's got some fire and brimstone ready for his first installment of "The Master .Plan". My column, "Hun-Speak", will not begin for a bit while I try to get the rest of these pages done.

The Master appends: The Master .Plan is online :-)

Anti-Lag in Q3Test; Sarge Revisited

I posted this on EZ-Net's Q3 site previously, but it bears repeating. If you are playing Q3Test on a reasonably fast computer (mine is a Celeron 400, 128M RAM, AGP TNT) with a 56K or lesser modem, you may have problems with lag on some servers, especially if there are a bunch of lpb's around.

I've found that setting com_maxfps 35 (it defaults to 100) helps lag problems tremendously. Normally, my computer can get much higher than 35 fps. The problem is that my 56K modem (connected at 42.667K) cannot keep up with all the data necessary to maintain that kind of framerate. com_maxfps caps your framerate, making it much easier on your modem to keep up. 35 fps is still plenty fast enough.

I enabled cheats (using devmap) and put myself in third-person mode (cg_thirdperson 1) to watch the animation of the Sarge model a little more closely. While I don't notice it while I'm playing against others using that model, I did notice that Sarge runs like his fatigues are way too tight in the hips. His taunt animation is pretty sweet, though, so I'll cut him some slack.

Tuesday, August 3, 1999

Q3Test 1.08 First Impressions; Hun-Speak

I've been playing with the new Q3Test a bit. So far I like the new Sarge model. Some people have said that he runs a bit peculiarly. I haven't noticed it yet. The two new demos (q3demo1 and q3demo2) are both too short to be of any real value in doing benchmarking. I'll have to fiddle with it some more to get a feel for any 'Net code changes.

The Master should know that a) I would never willingly use the word "l33t" unless it was one of the conditions demanded by the people who kidnapped my sons, and b) "When 31 years old you reach, talk as cool you will not."


Okay, now so far everything on the Haus is coming along really nice, but I have to point out one thing. AT has done a WONDERFUL job of laying this sucker out, getting everything hooked up, playing intermediary with our ISP (EZ-Net, the greatest ISP on earth :) and testing out all the lame idiot mistakes I've made in the script integration online. But, I have one gripe: SWELL. AT is so incredibly old-school as to use SWELL in a sentence. Heck, I didn't realize that word existed in the English language anymore. I would have expected l33t or something equivalent :) Okay, AT, have at that one! (Hehehehhehehehe)

Update: Okay: I'll grant you (a), but as to (b), all I have to say is "Fear is my ally".

Q3Test 1.08 Mirrors has been updated with the links to the mirror sites for Q3Test 1.08 for Win32 and Macs. Contrary to what I posted before, the Linux version is not yet completed.

Shogo Anti-Cheating Rez

Monolith said it couldn't be done, but leave it to someone in the Shogo community to do it anyway. Satan [GT-MaD] and company have completed a server-side .rez that will trap and eliminate people (aka "The Cheaters") using the rapid-fire client-side rez. If a client logs on and fires too quickly, all the damage he does is nullified. After 100 shots, the cheater is killed immediately. If he fires again after that, he is killed immediately. Sweet, yes? Server ops can snag the .rez here!

Q3Test 1.08 released!

In the wee hours of the morning, id released the latest version of Q3Test, version 1.08. It fixes some bugs and eliminates a cheat. There's even a new model for you to use, Sarge! Versions for all three platforms (Win32, Mac, Linux) have been released. does not have their list of mirrors updated yet, but if you find a link to an older version, just change the 107 or 106 in the filename to 108 and you should be all set. The readme emphasizes that you must completely remove all older versions before installing this one. And no, there is no patch. Another 33M download for you . . .

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