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Wednesday, August 4, 1999

Anti-Lag in Q3Test; Sarge Revisited

I posted this on EZ-Net's Q3 site previously, but it bears repeating. If you are playing Q3Test on a reasonably fast computer (mine is a Celeron 400, 128M RAM, AGP TNT) with a 56K or lesser modem, you may have problems with lag on some servers, especially if there are a bunch of lpb's around.

I've found that setting com_maxfps 35 (it defaults to 100) helps lag problems tremendously. Normally, my computer can get much higher than 35 fps. The problem is that my 56K modem (connected at 42.667K) cannot keep up with all the data necessary to maintain that kind of framerate. com_maxfps caps your framerate, making it much easier on your modem to keep up. 35 fps is still plenty fast enough.

I enabled cheats (using devmap) and put myself in third-person mode (cg_thirdperson 1) to watch the animation of the Sarge model a little more closely. While I don't notice it while I'm playing against others using that model, I did notice that Sarge runs like his fatigues are way too tight in the hips. His taunt animation is pretty sweet, though, so I'll cut him some slack.

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