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Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Shogo gets another gasp of air?

Saw that Be and Monolith have announced a port of Shogo to BeOS to be released later this year. Here's the press release.

What, A.T., sleeping on the switch?!?

A.T. responds: Nope, was at my homebrew club meeting!

The Master replies: Heh-your other passion :-) (the other pale ale?) OH! BOO HISS BAD MASTER, BAD!

NHL 2000 Demo Today!

I just saw on NHL 2000 Online that the NHL 2000 Demo will be released later today! Stay tuned for further updates. New Layout

OK, so it's not gaming or computer-related necessarily, but I visit ESPN's site all the time. They unvieled a sweet new look today, no doubt in honor of their 20th anniversary as a network. Check them out for all your sports needs!

Carmack interview

There is a John Carmack interview on the IMG page. Interesting info from JC's viewpoint on the G4 and Macs in general. Check it. Thanks Blue.

Interview at Unrealism

Unrealism has a report on the Unreal Tourney Press Party (Do The Master and I ever get invited to things like this? Nooooooo). Included is a brief interview with Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart.
Q: What are the chances of a demo being released?
A: The demo will be released and before the game ships, it'll be more of a test to crack down on any final bugs we may have missed. Expect it very soon.

Q: How soon?
(Answer was off the record sorry)
It sounds like they're going to do a UTTest, a la Q3Test. Makes sense. Of course we all know that "very soon" can be any time between now and when Hell freezes over. And why, if the response is given off the record, would you even bother to mention it?

Monday, September 6, 1999

Madden 2000 Demo / NHL 2000

I don't know if I'm going to do a full review of the Madden 2K demo or not, but I will say this: I can't stop playing it. The player models and animations are very nice. It runs well on my Celeron 400, TNT AGP, and 128M RAM. If you are in the market for a football sim, I'd pick this one up.

While we're on the subject of EA Sports titles, the NHL 2000 demo is supposed to be out very soon. NHL-Online's new site, NHL 2000 Online is supposed to go online tonight at 11:30 Eastern. Will the demo be available then? We shall see (although I doubt it, since that means that they would have been working feverishly on it over the Labor Day weekend).

WraithAdmin 1.0 Released

Wraith of BloodBath fame, has written a remote Shogo server configuration utility called WraithAdmin. Here's a snip from the BB site:
Remote administration of any Shogo server right from your telnet client...start a server (with any one of six config files), terminate a server, restart it. Lockdown your server remotely. Use your own username andpassword, and set the server on whatever port you want. Plus, everything is logged, with the ability to viewthe log remotely, achive the log, and view archive logfiles. Remember though...this is a beta, the final versionwill have a LOT more (like remote configuration, etc.).
I believe the one complaining was yours truly :) This will be a major help for those of us who don't have physical access to Shogo servers. Very cool! You go, Wraith!

Them Bones, Them Bones . . .

John Carmack updated his .plan (it'll show up on Webdog today, trust me), saying that they decided to move Q3A to a skeletal model system. Here's a snip:
It looks like we are going to go to a skeletal model system. Jim Dose of Ritual had already started on an exporter from character studio, so we decided to just meet in the middle.

I implemented the loading and rendering support this weekend and tested it with a couple hand-inserted bones, so now we just need to write the glue between character studio and the new .md4 format.
Just a warning: as usual, his update is pretty technically-oriented. My eyes glazed over in a couple places. I do know this: the new skeletal system will look basically the same as the old Q3Test, but will save a boatload of memory. I consider that to be a Good Thing TM.

The really weird thing is that his plan update has 7:31 AM Pacific as the time stamp and I read it at 7:15 AM (9:15 Central). Eerie, huh? :)

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