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Monday, December 20, 1999

Cool Q3A Binds

The Bind has some very slick binds for Quake III Arena. I snagged two of them for my personal use. One is Essobie's four group weapon switch. It allows you to control all the weapons with only four keys. I rewrote part of it so that q is bound to the lightning gun and the grenade launcher, e is bound to the rocket launcher and the plasma gun, and r is bound to the rail gun and the BFG (I use wasd for movement). The only one I didn't bind is the shotgun. Since it is normally bound to 3 anyway, that's close enough. That's now in my autoexec.cfg.

Another one I will use is Artist's model viewer. You need to enable cheats (using devmap mapname) for this to work, since cg_thirdPersonAngle and cg_thirdPersonRange are cheat-protected. After you exec this script, hit 5 on the numeric keypad to go in and out of the third-person view. Then use the up and down arrows on the keypad to zoom in and out, and the left and right arrows on the keypad to rotate one way or the other.

And yes, The Master, there is even a rocket jumping bind so you can actually do that now :)

Thanks Quake 3 World for the link!

GameTime with Devine

Nothing like a snappy headline, eh? Anyway, id's Graeme Devine will be the guest on Gametime tonight at 6:00 P.M. EST. You will need RealPlayer or the M$ knock-off to watch. Thanks Blue.

UT Cheat Codes

I saw on several sites that Game Sages have updated their list of Unreal Tournament cheat codes. Head over there and cheat to your hearts content.


VE is reporting that NVIDIA has released a bunch of GeForce demos to show how hot and spicy your new video card really is. Hopefully later today they will be releasing the very cool Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens demo.

New Column: Qbe Root!

As promised yesterday, The Haus is proud to present our newest column: Qbe Root! In Qbe (Cube) Root, J.t.Qbe (the best man in my wedding, a good friend for many moons, a fellow lover of good beer and Pepsi, and a Unix admin) will be bringing you all that's new, amusing, or amazing in the world of Unix. Check out his first column! Welcome aboard, Qbe!

Q1 Maps for Q3

Caveat Emptor: (update 3:00 P.M.) I suddenly have a somewhat itchy feeling about these maps. I'm no lawyer, but I've a feeling these conversions may be against id's EULA. If you also have a legit copy of Quake I, it probably isn't an issue. I'm sure someone from id will comment.

Redwood has posted a couple of map conversions from Quake I to Quake III Arena. The maps in question are Q1DM3 and Q1DM6. In case you've forgotten what those maps are, here are a couple of screenshots from the original maps:


I know that The Master and I would LOVE it if someone would convert e1m8 "Ziggurat Vertigo". Any takers?

Update! I downloaded and tried both maps. Both are pretty cool and bring back old memories. There are a couple of minor texture errors in places. I also wish the author would have made the water in Q1DM3 like the water in Q3A. Right now, it just looks like a bunch of textures from the surface.


I finally got PHP 4 to compile. I didn't see this anywhere in the docs (granted this IS a beta) but you MUST install the complete binary distribution of mySQL version 3.23 in order to compile PHP4. Once I did that, I was golden. And PHP4 is FAST. I couldn't believe it. My old P200 may be capable enough with that sucker running :-)

Now, to convert The Haus's code to php. Gonna be a fun week.

RA for UT

Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart updated his .plan detailing his efforts in helping crt produce Rocket Arena (the popular Quake 2 mod) for Unreal Tournament.
Hopefully, the first release of RA:UT will be in early or mid January. The game will include full bot support, all the classic RA gametypes, and some new stuff to boot. In addition, Epic will be adding some professional quality visual and audio content.
It's pretty obvious that Epic is bending over backwards to help out the mod community. After the whole Shogo fiasco, that's really nice to see.

Disruptor .plan Update

id's Christian "Disruptor" Antkow updated his .plan with information on how to make Rocket Arena-esque maps (where everyone spawns in with every item) in Quake III Arena. Follow his 14 step plan in his, um, .plan.

Sunday, December 19, 1999

New Commentary . . . Coming Soon!

OK, this HAS to the most boring weekend since The Master and I opened this site. At any rate, let me give you something to think about. Early next week (hopefully tomorrow!) we will be debuting a new commentary section on this site called the Qbe Root (Cube Root). It will be written by the best man in my wedding and will cover all matters pertaining to "alternate" operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, and the like. He is a sysadmin in the Twin Cities and has been described as "mostly harmless". Stay tuned for more original Haus goodness!


Well, it's been a SLOW news weekend, and so far today has been completely dead. I'm NOT having fun building PHP 4 with mySQL on Red Hat, since the binary devel version seems to be broken when being compiled into PHP 4. Ick. Oh, well. Hopefully I'll have a workaround soon. If anyone out there knows how to fix this, please email me!

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