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Thursday, July 27, 2000

RA:UT Update

Now since Rocket Arena is all the rage for Quake III Arena, a post was made on the Rocket Arena for Unreal Tournament page with the following news:
Code: Yeah, since this is the one that's been taking the longest, this is probably the one you are more interested in, right? :) I recently went on a trip for two weeks, and sent off a version of the code for beta testing just before I left. Unfortunately, I have not yet received the bug reports for that version, leaving me unable to fix bugs in the code. Don't worry, as I should be getting these bug reports within the next day or so, allowing me to proceed working at full speed again. Once I've seen the bug list, I'll be able to determine whether I can fix them up quickly and release within the week (to meet that end-of-July promise), or I'll realize that there are still too many major bugs that would require me to delay the release into August. Don't worry, a bug-free RA:UT with four to six extra maps WILL be worth the wait.
There's more where that came from, so make sure to check out the whole thing. Thanks Blue.

Boycott RIAA

In light of the (at least temporary) Napster shut-down, some anti-Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) movements are firing up. Check out for information on a planned August-long boycott of RIAA-member recordings. Sounds like a good idea. Hit 'em in the only place they'll notice, the pocketbook. Thanks Slashdot.

LinuxCE--Taking Linux Where It Wasn't Meant to Go

We Haus-Menschen like our PalmOS-based PDAs (there's nothing like a handheld computer, and except for the lack of a hard drive, my Visor is more powerful than my old '286 was!). As with everything else, though, Micro$oft is trying to take over the PDA market with its own Windows CE operating system (appropriately shortened to "WinCE"). This morning I read this interesting article about some who are working to run Linux on these (formerly) WinCE only PDAs. Check it out, if you're interested in this kind of stuff.

Pondering the Imponderable

Sometime between 12:30 this morning and when I got up, my second phone line went dead. I'm on my main line right now, but can't tie it up too long. Hopefully Qbe and The Master can keep things interesting until a phone company lackey can get out here.

J.t.Qbe comments: Sorry to hear it, A.T. Now you'll have to limp along with only one phone line like the rest of us peasants!

A.T. Hun comments: Well, as of right now (2:30 P.M.) I seem to be back in business. There was a short someplace, although I'm not sure where. Hopefully they actually fixed it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

NVIDIA Apology

Hypothermia posted an interview with NVIDIA's PR Director, Derek Perez. In it, he attempts to explain how the problems first started with sites like Hypothermia and Riva3D. Apologies were offered and apparently accepted. Hopefully this will be the last of it. Thanks Shugashack.

Fun with OpenVMS

Our very own J.t.Qbe has begun a journey, a journey he wishes to share with the world. Recently, he got his hands on a VAX machine in an effort to run OpenVMS. You say you don't know what OpenVMS is? You wouldn't know a VAX if someone dropped one on you? Well then read The VAX Files: Fun with OpenVMS. In this first installment, he explains what in the world VMS is and what possessed him to want to run it. It's a very interesting read. I highly recommend that you check it out. Stay tuned for part two next Wednesday and part three the Wednesday after that.

The Master comments: Okay, couple pieces of trivia: #1, I met my wife over the VAX phone utility. #2: The man who designed Windows NT, Dave Cutler, also had a large role in VMS and the earlier PDP-11 OS at Digital. I hope this frightens everyone :-)

J.t.Qbe comments: Congrats, TM! That's the first VMS-induced marriage I've heard about! Conspiracy theorists like to point to the correlation between VMS and Windows NT--add one to each of the letters in VMS and you get WNT. . . spooky, isn't it?

Napster shut down

It appears that Napster is being shutdown. A Federal court judge has ordered Napster to cease and desist allowing the trade of copyrighted mp3s over their service by Friday, citing that the service does not fall under the "fair use" provisions of the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992.

I'm not surprised by this verdict. Napster was in blatant violation of copyright since the beginning, like it or not. The future of online digital music will be an interesting journey from now on.

<rant> Does anyone else out there feel cheated by the prices charged for CDs nowadays? When I first started buying CDs back in 91, they were between $9 and $11. Now they're $16+, and the technology to make them is so cheap it's disgusting. From what I've read, the musicians are making a LOT of cash, but not nearly enough to make up the difference. So, ahem, we're being screwed by the record industry. I hope they don't try to sell music digitally for $25 a copy-they'll make Napster look-alikes completely rampant.</rant>

Zvezda Dock Successful

The Russian Zvezda module for the international space station (ISS) successfully docked with a part of the space station which was already in orbit. This opens things up for the United States to launch several shuttle missions to get NASA's contribution to the station in orbit. Over the next six years 39 shuttle flights and seven Russian rocket launches will complete the station. The ISS will get its first crew members in November, who will make sure the station is functioning properly. Thanks Slashdot.

Intel: SDRAM is OK

According to this ZDNet article, Intel has given up on trying to ram RAMBUS down everybody's throats with the Pentium 4. PC133 SDRAM will be fully supported. Now if we could just kill RAMBUS off totally . . . Thanks sCary.

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