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Thursday, July 27, 2000

RA:UT Update

Now since Rocket Arena is all the rage for Quake III Arena, a post was made on the Rocket Arena for Unreal Tournament page with the following news:
Code: Yeah, since this is the one that's been taking the longest, this is probably the one you are more interested in, right? :) I recently went on a trip for two weeks, and sent off a version of the code for beta testing just before I left. Unfortunately, I have not yet received the bug reports for that version, leaving me unable to fix bugs in the code. Don't worry, as I should be getting these bug reports within the next day or so, allowing me to proceed working at full speed again. Once I've seen the bug list, I'll be able to determine whether I can fix them up quickly and release within the week (to meet that end-of-July promise), or I'll realize that there are still too many major bugs that would require me to delay the release into August. Don't worry, a bug-free RA:UT with four to six extra maps WILL be worth the wait.
There's more where that came from, so make sure to check out the whole thing. Thanks Blue.

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