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Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Pondering the Imponderable

I reinstalled Red Hat 6.2 yesterday because of all the problems I inflicted on it. I tried to get the latest XFree4 drivers running on it but it seems that the latest RPMS are geared more toward Red Hat 7.0 than 6.2, since a lot of dependencies were broken. Of course, I deleted my old XFree4 files that actually worked and now I can't find them. Sigh. Well, may just have to get my hands on some 7.0 disks.

American McGee interview

Gameslice has posted an interview with American McGee, the "game designer" for Alice-the new EA 3rd person game. Little short of new information, but worth the read. There's a couple of new screenshots as well.

I'm actually looking forward to Alice-I downloaded the trailer from the Alice website and it was really cool, and very creepy. Could be a very good game, although I'm not going to let my son anywhere near it.

M$, Cisco skip out on Uncle Sam

Okay, this just ticks me off: Cisco, Microsoft paid no federal income tax is an article over on C-Net that indicates that M$ and Cisco managed to lawyerize the tax code enough to skip paying taxes.

Okay, why is it okay for the average Joe American to bust his a$$, and get 50% taxed for it, and M$ just slams their *ahem* *STUFF* down our throats (at ridiculously high prices, BTW) and skip with the profits TAX FRIGGIN FREE?!? Okay, I have to ask, where is the justice in that???

A.T. Hun comments: Well, actually this isn't too terribly surprising. I'm sure there are many companies that pay no corporate taxes. The tax laws are designed to avoid this happening, but people who are clever enough can work around it. I'm sure that Bill and the boys paid at least some personal income tax.

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Scott Miller Interview

Daily Radar slapped up an interview with 3D Realm's Scott Miller about their upcoming first-person shooter, Duke Nukem Forever. There's no "official" new news, other than the fact that Miller thinks the game will be the best thing that's happened to computing since silicon. We'll see about that. Thanks Blue.

Linux Video Card Comparison

AnandTech posted a comparison of various video cards under Linux. They even included the steps for installing the various drivers--assuming that you're using Red Hat 7.0 or SuSE 7.0. If you are using Red Hat 6.x with an NVIDIA card, you could always check out my installation instructions (hint, hint). NVIDIA GeForce2 cards blow away the competition, with none of the others even coming close. Linux purists can rant and rave all they want about the closed-sourceness of the drivers, but you can't argue with the performance. Thanks Linux Today.

UnrealEd Fix

Hmmm, an Unreal Tourney patch broke something in UnrealEd--stop me if you've heard that one before. At any rate, the Unreal Technology page posted a small fix file to unbreak the following items that were broken with the 432 patch:Thanks Stomped.

Banner Ad Blues

Lowtax at Something Awful posted a message regarding his ongoing battle to get money out of the GameFan network. Basically he was told that GameFan wasn't going to pay him since the majority of the ads his site served (and over which he has no control) were ads for other sites on the network. The moral of the story is this: if you are signing a contract, hire a lawyer. Yes, it's going to cost you several hundred dollars, but right now Lowtax is out three grand.

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