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Monday, September 9, 2002

WinXP SP1 Released

The first service pack for Windows XP has been released. Personally, I'd wait until a few suckers other people try it first before subjecting your box to it. And make sure to read that EULA! You can get it from Windows Update or as a 130M download. Thanks Shacknews.

Pondering the Imponderable

I've spent a few moments the past couple of days trying the Battlefield 1942 demo at the recommendation of Pablo of Club Louis fame. If it were just a FPS it would be basically uninspiring. But the clincher is that you get to drive vehicles, including a tank, a half-track, a jeep, and even an airplane. Flying a plane with a mouse takes some getting used to. On the map in the demo, there's not much room to take off. Once you are airborne, I think you'd have to wait until you crash or are shot down since I don't think you could land it (at least not easily). I'll have to play some more online to get a better feel for it.

NFL Week #1 So Far

Well, we learned two things this weekend. 1) It's going to be an exciting season, and 2) The Lions will be lucky to win two games this year. Sheesh. Anyway, I would have taken every game that Eeyore and I had different, if it wouldn't have been for a stupid (and I do mean stupid) penalty on the Browns at the end of the game that allowed Kansas City to kick the game-winning field goal. Remarkable. With one game left, I am 9-6 while Eeyore is 6-9. Hopefully, the Steelers can win tonight so I can get into double-digit wins this first week.


Got home from a weekend away, fire up the PC about 7:45 pm, and am greeted by a lack of DHCP server on the Road Runner network. Call tech support, and they tell me "There's a problem in your area -- our technical staff is working on it." I fire up the PC this morning at 7 am and the stupid thing is still down.

Okay -- anyone wanna lay a bet that those *people* didn't lay a single finger on any equipment until 8 am this morning? Yes, I'm POed. I actually NEEDED the stupid cable modem to WORK last night. Now I get to try to find another time to get some work done. Thanks Time Warner. I appreciate the support.

Update: Oh, it gets better: TW RR network status page indicates that it's been down all night, with "planned maintenance" for 3am on the 10th. I'm paying $50 for this? Where the heck is the backup server so I don't need to go through this?

Sunday, September 8, 2002

Divine Divinity Demo Impressions

Despite having an inexcusably large backlog of games, I spent a few hours yesterday evening with the demo for the upcoming game Divine Divinity. Yes, that's its real name and yes, it's European.

Divine Divinity is billed as an RPG, but in the style of Diablo II. After putting in a few hours, it seems to be a game like D2, with greater depth and with a bit less graphical polish. The storyline is more interesting and varied than D2. The music is great; the voice acting is probably good too, but sounded bad on my computer (game demos sometimes do).

For me, the downer is the "action RPG" nature of Divine Divinity: combat is a clickfest, as in D2--in fact, one poll about the game asks which feature is best, the storyline or the frantic combat. Clickfest combat holds no interest for me. I have too many other, better games. If you liked Diablo II and want a similar game with more story and depth, Divine Divinity may be just what you're looking for. As for me, the demo just made me more eager to get back to Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale. And the major system crash the demo caused guaranteed that I won't see the end of the demo, but instead will uninstall as soon as possible.

More UT 2K3 Linux News

Epic's Mark Rein made this post indicating that the Unreal Tournament 2003 Linux client and server might be available at the same time as the Win32 version. Cool news! Here's the scoop:
Linux is now up and running pretty well. I've been told that we should be able to release the Linux client and server executables around the same time as the windows version ships. Official tech support isn't provided for the Linux versions. Currently Linux will only work well with Nvidia cards - apparently ATI's OpenGL Linux and Mac drivers don't support texture compression. Hopefully this is something they will soon fix. Mac development is just underway so it will still be a little while before it's done.
Did I mention that I like Linux? Thanks Linux Games.


The NFL season is officially in gear and my Red Wings had their first team practice on Friday. Yes! And next Saturday: Michigan at Notre Dame. Life is good.

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