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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

KDE 3.1 Released

The KDE team has released version 3.1 of their popular desktop for Linux and other Unices. The list of changes is long and impressive. I am using the new Keramik style and Crystal icons in my Mandrake installation. Very purty. I will no doubt upgrade when Mandrake 9.1 comes out.

MS Gets Slammed

I saw this link on a number of different sites and it's too funny not to post here. Microsoft got hit hard by the Slammer worm this past weekend. Why? They didn't apply their own patches on all their boxen. A snip for your, em, snipping pleasure:

On Saturday, the Microsoft's Windows XP Activation service was down, not because the servers were vulnerable, but because the company's internal network was inundated with junk data, Rick Devenuti, the chief information officer for the software giant, said in an interview Monday.

Parsec to Go Open Source

As it would happen, I stopped by the Parsec homepage the other day just to see if anything was still going on with this cross-platform space shooter. Today comes the announcement that the project will be going open source. Of course, given their goals, I wish they would have done this some time ago. Here's a snip from the announcement:

The source release will include platform support for Win32, MacOS X, and Linux, and contain both OpenGL and Glide rendering code. It will include almost everything that has been part of the earlier LAN-Test releases, as well as our new client/server code that is already far along in development. However, it is our hope that this release will be picked up by the Parsec community for further development, supported by members of the original Parsec Project.

Thanks Slashdot.

Monday, January 27, 2003

Is Windows Ready for the Desktop?

As Microsoft Windows finds greater and greater acceptance in the computing world, maybe it's time to ask the question: is Windows ready for the big time? This writer thinks so. Note to the humor-impaired: this is satire, a form of humor. Thanks for the laughs, OSNews.

A.T. Hun comments: Huh! There's something funny on OSNews beside Eugenia's distro reviews. Whodathunkit?

No Unreal II Demo

Unreality found a post on the Infogrames forums indicating that there will not be a demo released for Unreal II. Here's a snip:

As much as we‘d like to create a ‘true‘ demo, it‘s simply not possible. Legend have moved on to other projects and the production of a demo - even from already existing levels would require time and effort that we just don‘t have. It would then have to go through QA - another organization that is working on other projects and cannot dedicate time to a UII demo. It‘s all about the allocation of ‘assets‘.

I'm sure the Unreal fans would like to "allocate some assets" over this. No word on when the original Unreal demo will be out either. Thanks Blue's News.

GeForce FX 5800 Ultra Reviews

Boy, you'd think an NDA expired today or something :) The first reviews of NVIDIA's long-awaited GeForce FX have hit the 'Net. You can get reviews from all the usual suspects. My favorite sites for these kind of things are HardOCP and AnandTech. Basically the card is faster than the GeForce 4 and even the Radeon 9700 in certain tests. Looks like NVIDIA will have to do some major driver tweaking to make this worth the cash. Of course, now that they've made the difficult transition to .13u, future chips should come more quickly.

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