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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

O'Gara Dropped Like Hot Potato

Maureen O'Gara's column has been dropped from sys-con, according to this blog. Thankfully, they got some sense and decided to drop that nasty woman before she used their outlet for more of her vitriol. Good move. Groklaw has been updated on this as well.

A.T. Hun comments: Good riddance.

J.t.Qbe comments: And there was much rejoicing.

Monday, May 9, 2005

Salami Drop Redux

Teh Mastar (like my new JeffK-ified version?) posted a couple of days ago about Operation Salami Drop, an effort by two New York brothers to send salami to our troops in Iraq. Hypothermia announced that they are giving away a computer and video cards to help support the effort. Anyone who donates $5 towards the Salami Drop will be entered to win the computer or one of the video cards.

Actually, I just like saying, "Salami Drop." Salami Drop, Salami Drop, Salami Drop.

The Master comments: 1) I may need to hurt you for the JEFFK VERSION, but maybe my caps lock right there did the job, and 2) "Salami Drop" has got to be the best title for a food shipment I've seen in a LONG time :-)

Lots of Movement in SCO v. IBM

There's been a lot of movement in the SCO v. IBM lawsuit in the last week, and instead of trying to regurgitate everything in detail, I recommend a review of the last week's posts on Groklaw. The gist of it is that due to G2's Motion to Intervene and Motion to Unseal begin denied, IBM has begun to post redacted versions of some sealed documents, including this one, which shows just how slimy SCO's lawfirm of Boies Schiller can be. In addition, IBM supplied everything SCO asked for including the code as far back as IBM has it. I wonder if SCO is going to regret having gotten G2 involved in this case.

A.T. Hun comments: In a related story, it seems like Maureen O'Gara is up to her old tricks again. That's a link to the Linux Today editorial on her article. If you really want to read her crap, you can find it from there. O'Gara is at least showing her true colors. She is a hack and a shill who has now gotten into the character assassination business. I don't know Groklaw's PJ from Adam, but it doesn't really matter. If her arguments are invalid, then counter them with facts and logic, not narrow-minded stupidity posing as journalism. O'Gara apparently has plenty of the latter but precious little of the former. Oh, here's an exclusive for her next column: my name's not really A.T. Hun either.

The Master comments: Update: PJ has responded to O'Gara's intimidation tactics on Groklaw.


Well, now I get to add another movie to my to-see list. I'm sure I just destroyed my geek reputation by admitting liking the Harry Potter books and movies. Oh, well. My image isn't worth two bits anyway . . .

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