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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Sin 2 via Steam

Eurogamer has gotten the skinny on the new Sin 2 release from Ritual. They're indicating that it will be using the Valve Source engine, and will be released in $20 episodes via Steam. They're planning around 6 episodes.

Okay, this game had better be awesome, or else why in the heck would we pay $120 for it?!? Episodic games are fine, but you're pushing your luck if you think people are going to pay that much for a first-person shooter.

A.T. Hun comments: You mean that I had better not be like, say, the original Sin? I've heard that it actually was a pretty cool game . . . if you could get it to run.

The Master comments: I was able to get it running on my (at the time) high-end video card once I had installed the 1.1 patch, but it did have a lot of flakiness. It was an awesome game, but the bugs just killed it.

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