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Friday, January 21, 2000

Domain Winner Loses Big

According to this Wired article, hey, Network Solutions isn't liable for anything if they screw up. Some poor college student paid a domain holder for his domain, and NSI screwed up the transfer so now a domain squatter wants half a mil for it. Unbelievable.

A.T. Hun comments: The name Network Solutions is almost becoming synonymous with incompetence. Heaven help you if you have some issue you need to resolve because a) you'll never reach anyone at their phone number and b) it'll take a week for them to return your email and the person replying will not take the time to read your request. Maybe now that there is some competition NSI will either have to shape up or go down in flames.

The Master replies: Nope, they won't. They don't have to. When you have legal protection from your own stupidity, you never have to shape up. Plus, they still own a great deal of the process. Kinda like M$ being able to use it's customer base for beta testing.

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